Digital Marketing Job Trends in 2021

The digital marketing scope is growing. Companies are bringing their marketing efforts into the digital atmosphere. Demand for digital marketing jobs has increased. Digital marketing jobs involve a lot of creativity, so this job does not require you to stay behind the desk for hours. 

Digital marketers need to stay ahead of the trends and the latest technologies to promote brands. But this industry has changed a lot over the years and the demand for certain jobs is different than others. Here we’ll show you some of the most in-demand digital market jobs in 2020.

In-Demand Digital Marketing Skills

Everything today is being oriented towards artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning so it’s no surprise to see that these trends are taking over most industries, including digital marketing. If you’re planning to make a career in digital marketing this year, you need to have certain skills related to the tech industry besides knowing the basics of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Job Trends

Now that we know the essential skills in today’s digital marketing, let’s learn about the most in-demand jobs in the industry.

Growth Marketer

When you have a business or a brand, you need to create a community. There’s no way to build brand engagement if nobody knows your products or services. This is where growth marketers come along. These professionals are the ones that have the skills to grow your audience on different platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.

Growth marketers work in an environment that can be volatile, so predicting uncertainties is part of the job. The goal of growth marketing is simply to create an audience, not to sell. But the whole point of marketing is sales, right? How are we going to build a community that is interested in our products? That’s what growth marketers need to find out. These professionals run tests and conduct research to see what type of ads and content works best on the target audience they’re building.

Skills required:

Where to learn these skills:

General Assembly’s immersive digital marketing bootcamp offers advanced education on the latest digital marketing trends. This school will guide you to learn the more up-to-date automation tools and CRM techniques. General Assembly has flexible payment methods—if you don’t have the money to pay upfront you can also defer payment.

Marketing Data Scientist

The data science profession is also booming in the digital marketing industry. You may think it’s not related, but data science is crucial in a digital marketing strategy. Data science allows marketers to spot patterns in the customers’ behavior. This way, digital marketers can act accordingly to create better strategies. Besides, data science also allows the marketing team to forecast trends in their audience to come up with better ideas that work on future trends.

Skills required:

Where to learn these skills:

Lambda School’s data science bootcamp is a great option if you’re looking for a job in the marketing industry. This course is very oriented towards statistics trends and how they can be used to generate business insights. Some of the things you’ll learn at this school are to use programming languages like Python and SQL. You’ll also learn how to do data visualization, which is a huge factor in the communication process.

Machine Learning Engineer

Having a personalized user experience is a huge deal in the current marketing landscape in which companies are trying to create customer engagement. Machine learning and sentiment analysis create that experience. Through machine learning, companies can show users the content they’d be interested in. This has created such a huge impact on customers around the world that recent research revealed that 44 percent of them will continue shopping in the same store if they receive a personalized experience. Machine learning engineers have created a more human-like environment for customers.

One of the major aspects that machine learning has changed in digital marketing is the way the customer service operates. Chatbot services are run using machine learning. These bots are a more convenient alternative because they’re available to attend customers’ requests round the clock. These are some of the reasons machine learning professionals are so in-demand these days for digital marketing agencies.

Skills required:

Where to learn these skills:

Springboard’s machine learning program is the best for learning the foundations of a digital marketing job. This program is oriented towards creating functional machine learning-driven software. The school requires you to have some experience in software engineering and data science fundamentals to join the bootcamp. Springboard also has a refund guarantee in case you don’t find a job after graduation.

Wrapping Up

Digital marketing is evolving together with technology, so it will become more and more common to see tech professions in digital marketing agencies, especially in automation. There are many tasks in the digital marketing industry that can be automated; that’s why machine learning and AI are so important in this industry right now. Because of these technologies, digital marketers can focus more on analysis and strategies that generate leads.

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