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The prohibited side of Instagram

Using right tags it is possible to have access to the actually hottest privè club where users show themselves “unveiled”.

To catch sight in the Internet age has becomed essential and the world of images wherein we live, joined to power of anonymous account, let radical changes in taboo, morals and reserve.

What was scandalous before, now it is a new life style. Inside Web the ribald side of everybody personality has blown out finding a comfortable house. Last scandal is about Instagram, the famous free mobile app that let users edit their pictures with different effects and to share them online.

Porn Pictures on Instagram


But, there is a but: if you try to search for keywords like #instaporn or #instahot to enter some hidden rooms inside app, where to watch exhibitionist and similar ones.
Instagram has defeated competitors since it represents the perfect ideal bridge between our smartphone and Web, connecting app to most important social media and sharing pictures everywhere.

Hashtag maybe is another important element in Instagram.It helps searches and to collect discussions on the base of a specific topic. If we use #flower, we will let anybody to find pictures related to flowers.
The same process is valid for hot images like #instahot, #instaporn, #instasex, #instaboobs, #sextagram and so on.

Hot images on Instagram

What happens on Instagram is really simple: a naked user takes a photo of him/herself, add filters and publish it with hashtag #hot. This image is listed and free to be visited. Comments and votes do other…

Instagram half naked girl pictures
Instagram Terms & Conditions fobid to publish and use naked or porn pictures, but software monitoring looks like not rather to fix it (thousands of pics shared).

Instagram Terms and Condition - Images Abuse Feedback

For this reason, Instagram decided to give users possibility to send feedbacks and flag any hot image.

Sex Image on Instagram - Censored

Some users are asking to turn app off, other ones to create a specific “sex” area for smaller safety. Just to be cleare: the only#instasex tag is related to more than 200,000 pictures.

It’s right professor Terri Senft, Communications teacher at New York University, saying:

each time Internet reaches a critical mass, sex appears.

After some articles published on topic, it looks like Instagram started to ask users respect its Terms & Conditions to stop these images, removing pictures and hashtag. I ran a search online and… no more porn on Instagram?


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